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About Us

The Lawfare Project is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and a registered non-profit organization.

We are dedicated to:

(1) Raising awareness about the lawfare threat to free speech,

(2) Providing legal support to persons targeted for speaking publicly about Islamist terrorism, and

(3) Responding to abuses of the international legal system that undermine free speech and frustrate counter-terrorism efforts.

We are a group of more than 300 lawyers whose mission is to uphold the right to openly discuss real and imminent threats to our personal and national security.  We are concerned with the ongoing abuse of international and national legal systems and processes by nondemocratic parties.  We are dedicated to facilitating legal and non-legal responses to the perversion and misapplication of international and national human rights law.


If you are an attorney who wishes to defend our first amendment right to free speech on matters of national security, please contact us and include your full name, email, telephone number, employer/position, and area of practice:

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